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Technologies We serve

We love to use great technologies to build great things.

JavaScript Technologies

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Vanilla Js
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React Js
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Vue Js
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Backend & Mobile Technologies

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Software Development

Monthly Bases / Project Bases

You should go with monthly bases or project bases, Let's find out quickly

Monthly bases

Ongoing project, Go with Monthly Bases

You have a project, Which is ongoing. Ex: Suppose you have 5-10 things to do for now, Then more 5-10 for next version and so and so. You must go with monthly bases. Also There is many companies out there which is taking our white label services to deliver their client projects on time.

  • Dedicated Team
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Dedicated Support

Project bases

Fixed requirement, Go with Project bases

When you have fixed list of things to work on, which will not going to change before project delivery. Then and then only you should go for Project Bases. Else We would definitely suggests you to go for Monthly Bases. EX: if you have 10 things to work on, And before delivery you thing to remove few things and add up new 4-5 things, It will change delivery time and cost.

  • Fixed cost for requirement
  • No worries, About team and management
  • Fixed time deadline and delivery

Open source

Technopers OpenSource

We love to create OpenSource projects, which is really helpful for the community.